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Best Vinifera in Georgia/ Winery of Distinction/Oglethorpe Cup winner
Georgia Trustees Wine Challenge

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Phone 706-782-4777
Fax 706-782-9524

Tiger Mountain Vineyards
2592 Old Highway 441
Tiger, Georgia 30576

Erica Watson: erica@tigerwine.com
Martha Ezzard ezzard@tigerwine.com

Current Winery hours
Thursday, Friday, Sunday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Other times by appointment: 706-782-4777
**extended hours will be announced starting in May!

Meet our Staff

Lisa Ezzard
Lisa Ezzard is the TMV vineyard Manager and is making her debut this year as winemaker, with the advice of wine consultant Travis Green and the help of assistant winemaker, Matt Rager. She "trained" for years right beside her dad, Dr. John Ezzard, the master grape grower and she understands how to treat each individual vine to make it healthy! She holds a Master's degree in comparative literature, studied in France and China, and has taught literature, writing and dance. She speaks French fluently. Her new book of poems, "Vintage," is available in the tasting room. Contact Lisa at lisa@tigerwine.com or at 760-419-0214. (Attention! This really is a 760 area code for Lisa's phone number, NOT 706!)

Assistant winemaker Rager shows off the near
perfect 2019 Viognier.

Matt Rager, Assistant Winemaker recently completed his graduate degree at Georgia Tech in material engineering. With his incredible chemistry background, he has turned into a terrific assistant, helping crush and ferment the grapes, matching the different types of yeasts with the many varietal vinifera grapes and performing all needed lab tests on the wines

Hamilton, Ezzard vineyard dog is the four year old Australian Shepherd who belongs to Martha Ezzard (and was the love of the late Dr. John Ezzard's life as well). He is the constant companion of vineyard manger Lisa and of all vineyard workers. He is a favorite of customers when he visits the Tasting Room (on leash and not for long!!) where he exhibits his good manners admirably. He has no sheep to herd on the Ezzard farm but is good at "herding" the deer or at least scaring them back into the woods and away from the grapes. True to his name, he is an "inclusive" dog who loves all of the people around him of all ages.

Contact us at: wine@tigerwine.com  
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